Thank You Plasma Machine To Make My Husband Good!

Hi when first got our Plasma machine my Husband set up a programme for a person but can’t rember how he done it He was quite sick then But thanks to Rife Machine he’s gona b Ok. Source:

Two Bacteria involved in Prostatitis and other Ailments

Hi everyone, Looking to help myself with prostatitis, I fumbled on NCBI database and found two bacteria I addressed with the BP database with success. They are: Capnocytophaga and Chitinophaga this one only in German on Wikipedia They are both referenced in the spooky BP database They are also involved in other ailments… Read More »

Epstein-Barr Virus, Chronic Fatigue/Depression symptoms fading away

Hello dear family I know it’s a little bit early to talk about success upon this remote treatment, but the overall recovery and well being made me post this now… I’m dealing with Chronic Fatigue, Depression/Anxiety, Insomnia and lack of Restorative Sleep for the past one and half year… I’ve went to two Orthomolecular doctors,… Read More »

Hip Joint And Adductor Pain

In case this might help you, my husband complained of pain in his hip a few days ago. I looked in the Spooky2 database and found 4 programs pertaining to the hip. I ran them overnight via remote, and in the morning he said his hip felt better. For good measure, I ran the frequencies… Read More »