Effectiveness Of Spooky2 Laser

Efficacia dello Spooky2 Laser. Era da un po’ che non lo utilizzavo, dato che sono sempre impegnato a sperimentare nuovi dispositivi e programmi. Ieri pomeriggio purtroppo mi sono praticato un brutto taglio su un dito. Questa notte mi sono svegliato diverse volte per il dolore che mi procurava. Stamane, dopo essermi tolto la medicazione, ho eseguito con il laser, i programmi “Wound Healing” (CALF e XTRA), puntando i due laser dello Spooky Cold Laser Twin, sulla ferita. Al termine del trattamento il dolore era molto inferiore. Dopo poco è scomparso completamente. Nonostante usi lo Spooky2 da 2 anni, le sue capacità continuano a sorprendermi. Effectiveness Of Spooky2 Laser. It’s been a while since I used to travel, who are always committed to experiment with new devices and programs. Yesterday afternoon, but unfortunately i practiced a bad cut on a finger. This night I woke up several times for the pain that gave me. This morning, after i removed the dressing, I performed with the laser, the programmes “wound healing” (calf and xtra), pointing the two laser of spooky cold laser twin, on the wound. At the end of the treatment the pain was much less. After little has disappeared completely. Despite using the spooky2 for 2 years, his skills continue to amaze me. Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1559509617697120/permalink/1713071649007582/


LYME DISEASE FEEDBACK I’m very pleased to share with you my latest result using Spooky2 technology remote healing in conjunction with Biomagnetism therapy. One of clients who I have been treating for Lyme Disease symptoms stated that the last 10 days felt great than ever, he said that sometimes he doubts having Lyme disease anymore… Read More »

I Am Doing The Awesome Lyme/Morgellons Protocol.

I am doing the awesome Lyme/Morgellons protocol. I am up to R17 Biofilm Builders E. I am feeling less anxiety, sleeping much better, AND a carbuncle that I had on my back for years has shrunk! Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/permalink/718404601654779/

Just Wanted To Share And Be Thankful.

I had a15% decrease in mercury levels by running Terrain on remote. My levels of mercury were not high to start of but I wanted to measure the impact of doing the 11 day terrain protocol (as I started with spooky3) on some indicator I could cross reference with some other means of analysis, in… Read More »

My Grateful Thanks.

So here’s the thing …! I’ve been working to save my health for the past 30 years but it’s gotten more difficult as I’ve aged. I started Rifing with a digital Rife machine in September 2015. I did everything wrong for the first three months until someone who knew a lot more than I did… Read More »