Hemorrhoids fixed

Hi good people, I am male,76, and try to lower my blood glucose by shedding weight. I reduced my weight by reducing quantities eaten to half of the usual, proposed by my wife at home. I also kept a diabetic diet, the best I could. Ten months ago I was 86 kg, now I am… Read More »

I have run Spooky for skin mites on contact mode and tried Spooky2 to resolve my flu like symptoms by running my full system scan data with some success.

Thanks for your excellent customer service. This Spooky2 system is highly sophiscated and technical for which you should have run a Spooky University. I have run Spooky for skin mites (demodex, dermatophagoides & scabies) on contact mode with some success. These mites had troubled me a lot because I have skin allergy to them. I… Read More »