Tumor finally shrinks

I’m working to heal my Mycosis Fungoides. The Spooky2-XM generator helped to get more energy and detox, but it was was very difficult to do the scan, because of the needed time, not moving etc… So I bought the X-Generator in june. Before I did a lot for my health concerning nutrition, meditation, sport, but… Read More »

The pain he was experiencing is GONE.

Our first purchase was the Advanced Kit — 4 XM generators with attachments. About 6 weeks later we purchased the Spooky Plasma and an additional XM generator. In the 3+ months that we have been using Spooky2 my husband has had some wonderful results! The pain he was experiencing is GONE. He had been in… Read More »

Amazing Success with Healing 13 Years of Frozen Shoulder

Spooky2 never ceases to amaze me. I have just run the Program titled “Stiff Shoulder CAFL” two times (total 32 minutes) in Contact Mode using the Empty Shell Preset “Healing (C) – JW” and I now have 40% more range of movement in my Arms. I used simple Dowsing with my Pendulum to select which… Read More »

I am having amazing results with Spooky2 Plasma.

I am having amazing results with Spooky2 Plasma. When I started, I had small bruises all over my legs (@25 on each leg!!!!) and all kinds of blood vessels showing up and curving or straight lines that looked like something was chowing on me from the inside. Since using the Rife machine, I am down… Read More »