Asthma and Allergies Improved

Hi, You may know, I have 2 Genx’s plus accessories. Still being relatively new to this, but a faithful reader of others posts, I continue to learn. Eighteen months ago, I had a severe allergic reaction to the Prevnar13 vaccine. The allergic reaction trashed my immune system and enabled the Epstein Barr virus to gain… Read More »

Parasites on Plants Disappeared

Bonjour à tous! Je voulais juste partager mon expérience positive concernant les parasites sur mes plantes. Les plantes de mon jardin étaient infestées depuis des mois par des cochenilles farineuses, sans qu’aucun traitement n’y vienne à bout. J’ai donc décidé de “prélever” 2-3 bestioles que j’ai mis dans une remote et jai lance un “Spectrum… Read More »

Chemo and Scalar

I am on the last of my 6 chemo sessions. 4 days ago i turned off my scalar machine which is based across 2 bedrooms and is left on continuously for when i am sleeping or laying on the bed, this runs on pure scalar only. I wanted to see if it was doing any… Read More »

Migraines Relieved Quickly

Hello to all the “Scalers and rifeurs” after having experimented for long days GX and XM in DETOX (tiring but necessary …) I studied the maximum witnessing and explanations on the Scalar in all forums. Then I made my first connection between the suitcases this morning! Migraine that has been dragging for two days (not… Read More »

Cat Fight Injury Treated

Success here! Our girl’s tail was swollen and tender. Through growling and hissing, I felt around and couldn’t find an obvious injury, but I did manage to get a claw for a sample. I didn’t pay much attention to what programs my wife selected to run on her (I’ll try to remember to ask her… Read More »