My Hip Pain was Greatly Improved

I just want to share my success in treating my hip pain that I have had for 5 years. For the first time, I used Gen X and programmed Arthritis+ bursitis +Hip pain +cartilage regen. I was running it for 3 hrs and next day my pain was gone so I run it again next… Read More »

My Father’s Life was Extended by Eight Years Using Spooky2

My father had bone cancer and lung and the docs pushed the chemo on him and also radiation at times. When first diagnosed at Slaon Kettering, they told him he only had 6 months to a year to live. I started running generators on him, plasma sessions and when scalar came out, that also. I… Read More »

My Warts Gone Just After Two Treatments with Rife Machine

Here’s proof! This was a wart that died and fell off from 2 treatments (warts and skin tag channels). This pic is before the first treatment. Before the first treatment. This is what happened after ONE treatment for warts and skin tags. GONE!!! After 2 treatments! Source:

The Cancerous Tumour is Shrinking

I have been treating a friend for cancer as he has asquamous cell carcinoma. The first pic is before treatments. The swelling on the right side of his face is all cancerous tumour. We are still treating by him but you can clearly see that the cancerous Tumour is indeed shrinking! Source: