Spooky2 XM Generator Has Helped Me With a Lot of Success

My Dear Spooky2 Friends, While looking for peaceful music during the Covid lockdown, I discovered Solfeggio frequencies on YouTube and not long after, I found Spooky2 music! This started my search for healing, reading everything I could about Dr. Rife, and I started to save money to purchase the Spooky2 XM generator starter kit. Once… Read More »

My Daughter’s Retinal Fluid Gets Less and Less

Success Story 🎉🎉🎉🎉My young adult daughter who lives across the country has fluid on her retinas. She has had injections in her eyes and lasers when she has too much fluid build up.In the beginning of September she had “a significant amount of fluid on both retinas”Her appointment for November was most likely going to… Read More »

Migraine Ended In Just Two Hours

My wife and are not practioneres. I bought the Spook2 system for her birthday. She has an excellent memory of her pas lives during which she spent many lives a physician. She has an awesome knowledge of medicine. She does not practice at this time. She was exposed to a Rife machine and fell in… Read More »

Spooky2 Helps Get Rid of Gallstones

I want to share a success story to the Spooky2 FB Family using our GenX. But before I do I’ll give a bit of background of the issue. My partner developed a gallstone (6mm) 5 years ago and was advised to get her gallbladder removed. She refused as she wanted to try other natural routes.… Read More »