Chronic Pain – 80% eased using remote only!

A client came to see me for long term widespread chronic Fibro/cfs pain. After 1x session of using the low level light pads on various joints & the spine followed by 2x days only of using various chronic pain related frequencies on remote – the client reports an 80% reduction in pain & can now… Read More »

Barely See Any Swollen Lymph Nodes After Using Spooky2 Plasma

“After a few months of dealing with shoulder pain and not getting any results from physio or chiropractors, I requested an MRl on my shoulder, neck and full spine. The MRI was done on November 1/23 and on November 3/231 saw my doctor for the results. It definitely was not the news I was expecting,… Read More »

Colloidal Silver Saved a Little Chappie’s Life

Colidal silver made with spooky 2. What a precious moment, just saved a little chappies life. He landed on one of my window ledges and was in a real bad way. Rushed in house and put sugar in an egg cup and made a thick mixture with warm water he was still there when I… Read More »

With the Help of Spooky2, the Wound From the Dog Bite Has Healed

Many of you will probably remember my original post from 2 weeks ago yesterday about me being bitten by a German Shepherd Husky cross dog. Well despite the pressures put on me to go to the hospital I was determined to let Spooky help. After 2 weeks of running healing frequencys, antibiotic frequencys painkiller frequencys… Read More »