Teeth and gum pain resolved

#teeth and gum pain resolved About 4 days ago I was having some pain on my upper teeth and gums (right side of face) on the way home from work. I ignored it all evening and went to bed, the entire night I didn’t sleep properly as it was now throbbing and annoying. Needless to… Read More »

I got good results from a custom program I made for mosquito bites

I got good results from a custom program I made for mosquito bites. I got 16 bites recently in one night, ouch! Usually bites will get inflamed and last for weeks. I ran: “Essential Oil – Lavender (XTRA)|Essential Oil – Purification (XTRA)|Insect Bites General 2 (XTRA)|Insect Bites General (CAFL)|Insect bites (RUSS)” overnight. Within 2 days… Read More »

Spooky2 Plasma Was Effective for Breast Cancer

A Spooky2 win!!! I was diagnosed 3 yrs ago with Stage IV breast cancer that had metastasized all throughout my bones. I had been treating it with alternative protocols for about a year (which kept the cancer stable with no growth) when I bought my Spooky2 equipment to add to my arsenal of treatments in… Read More »

The Redness and Swelling of the Insect Bite Has Gone

On wednesday whilst playing golf i got an insect bite on my arm, yesterday it had gone all red and swolen and the irritation was unbearable so once i got home i placed a tens pad either side of the bite and ran a biofeedback scan on my Gen x, i then ran the scan… Read More »