Moth are All Gone

Ich muß mal Erfolg vermelden:-) aus dem bereich Ungeziefer: Mottenbefall, die Raupen krabbelten an der Decke lang. Hab 2 Davon präpariert, in den Remote gepackt und aus 30km Entfernung mit dem Haushalds-Insekten Programm behandelt. Alle erledigt! Jetzt glaub ich wirklich, das die spukhafte Fernwirkung weder Raum noch Zeit kennt. I have to report success from… Read More »

I Have Had A Few Small Miracles Using Spooky2

Its been a good year for me. I am definitely leaving 2019 with more vitality and energy than I entered it. Unfortunately, I am not completely cured of the illness that started me on the path of zapping and rifing, but I can report that I am definitely a lot better with lowered symptoms and… Read More »

My Dental Pain Greatly Improved Using the Program List

I just want to give a shout out to Trevor Nelson for his very organized dental program list! A few days ago I started getting a toothache, yesterday morning it became a full-blown abscess upper right inside, then immediately my lymph node outside lower jaw. I came home, created the first three sets and started… Read More »

Spooky2 Eased My Emotions

So when I woke up this morning I was feeling tense, angry and irritable and couldn’t think my way out of feeling angry. Out of desperation, I decided to switch up my usual spooky2 routine and run the Cannabis Sativa frequency set in the BP database via contact (back of the right wrist and outside… Read More »

No Cavities Any More Using Spooky2

Very good update I had a few cavities from X-ray 2 years ago was told 2600.00 to fill I decided to wait and go to Mexico or Thailand started running David Halliday dental and couple other dental programs non stop 6 months ago. Dentist in Thailand today said no cavities just small holes smaller than… Read More »