Spooky2 is Definitely Worth The Investment

We have purchased all of these items, 15 xms with remotes, 1 GX with remotes, 1 scalar machine. We have placed around 4 orders in total, all came within a week 7 to 8 days, no problems with the delivery, all machines have helped with problems, nothing is instant but within 3 to 4 days… Read More »

Great Nights After Using the Dreams Preset

For all my lucid dreamers out there! This made me a true spooky believer. I made up this ‘Dream’ frequency combo using the shell preset Kill or Heal-DH. I ran it every night for a few weeks, and every night I had vivid/lucid dreams! This alone was worth every penny! I added duplicates for some… Read More »

Prostatitis Preset In The DNA Folder Is Amazing

Prostatitis preset in the DNA folder is amazing. I have run it remotely 24/7 for the past month. Everything is working well now. No problem urinating. Inflammation is down. PSA is down. I am posting screenshots to assist anyone in finding it. Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/permalink/1731979893630573/

Spooky2 Plasma Helped Me With My Dental Pain

Successful session. Spooky2 Plasma is powerful. So yesterday around 2 pm I started having some pain coming from my bottom lower left molar tooth. came out of nowhere. I don’t have any cavities and I just tried to ignore it. I never take pharmaceuticals. By 8 pm the pain started to bug me even more… Read More »

Spooky2 Worked On Relieving Arthritis Pain

For the last 2 months, I have been struggling with Arthritis pain in my hip. Could barely walk or lie down. The pain was a 10! Found the Arthritis DNA Plasma preset running 2 days and now the pain is only a quarter of what it was and I have done nothing different except for… Read More »