My Husband’s Heel Spur And Oral Thrush Are Better

Good morning all. So three days ago, I shared a post about my starting programs for my hubby’s heel spur. The next day, he developed oral thrush and his tongue was completely coated. So I started programs for thrush and here it is TWO days later, and not one spot on his tongue! Amazing!! Normally,… Read More »

Spooky2 Helped Me With My Dupuytren’s Disease

I have Dupuytren’s Disease. Dupuytren’s is a progressive disease and shows up as permanent nodules and contractures in the hands making the hands become very stiff and movements very difficult and painful. I have been fortunate to only have the painful, itchy, nodules so far. I also have a trigger finger and a trigger thumb… Read More »

All Dental Diseases Are Gone

New update on teeth programs with spooky2 my fiancée has had most teeth removed due to misdiagnosed with chronic lyme and mass amounts if pharmaceuticals for pain 20+years 5 years ago had what was left of most of his teeth were removed ….,4 years ago Dec 2019 went to Thailand to see what restoration could… Read More »

Spooky2 Completely Smashed My Cold Sores In Contact Mode

I’d like to share my cold sores experience and success. I’ve never not put something on a cold sore when it presents either cream or eucalyptus oil etc…. this time I decided to test Spooky2 only. The first day one came up, tingling, the tingling reduced, I thought it was getting on top of it… Read More »