Parasites In the Body are Killed

Dear Penny, Thanks for your reply. I have researched and tested a few programs, and it seems that worms in face/nose responds to the ascaris programs. Especially ascaris progs using Scalar, you will sense immediate twitching and wiggling and some start swimming around. Disgusting creatures- when I find out where they are, they can be… Read More »

My Husband Renal Cell Carcinoma Is Getting Better

We have 6 spooky generators and live 20 minutes out of Ft Worth. My husband had a reocurrence of renal cell carcinoma that metastisized to the bone and lungs (diagnosed October 6, 2018). We had an older rife and one of our friends told us about Spooky 2. I was very skeptical about remote rifing… Read More »

Have a Good Night’s Sleep by Using Spooky2 Scalar

Crazy how with the right substances on the Scalar plate means a night of sleeping with or without intense muscle cramps! Usually I can tell when Scalar shuts off because muscle tightness or cramps start getting worse (even if in a sound sleep). I don’t know if it was something I was using or needed… Read More »

Insomnia Overcame and Energy Boosted

Dear Echo, You emailed me to ask how I was finding Spooky2 after having it for 2 months. You can use the following as a testimonial if you like. After 2 months of owning a Spooky2 set-up I am now confident using it. I have two xm generators plus the usual attachments. I mainly use… Read More »