Couldn’t be more pleased

Couldn’t be more pleased I was looking through Rife Machines online, shortly after participating in a life changing Ayahuasca ceremony. I had requested information from Spooky2 and many other companies here in the states. The ONLY response I got was from Anna Gu at Spooky2. And it was quick. Like the next day I think.… Read More »

Excellent Self-Care System

I have purchased 2 GenX and 4 XM I started with XM and soon realized the results were very positive and decided to expand my system in order to receive more benefit in more areas. I am totally amazed and thrilled with the results that I am experiencing – that nothing else has accomplished. Support… Read More »

Spooky2 Remote

When a few months ago I read that someone had used a piece of paper with name and date instead of a nail and reported success, I thought it was definitely impossible. But a month ago a friend was in IC given just a few hours of life because there was no exchange between his… Read More »

New Spooky2 new health

Would send photo but image to large… All working well..BFBs going well along with kills.. Very happy.. Ordering more soon

Endometriosis and XM generator miracle

Friend of my sister in BC has been troubled with Endometriosis forever and was in debilitating pain during that time. Took meds to subside the pain. I received her nail in the mail as I live in Alberta. I did the 11 day terrain protocol then did the Endometriosis and ran it until her nail… Read More »