Spooky2 calmed my tachycardia right down

So thankful…. was having a bad night with tachycardia. Added the tachycardia programmes (I deleted duplicate frequencies) and Spooky2 calmed it right down. Resting pulse was 105 … now 76….. such a relief!!! Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/posts/2331470747014815/

I sleep better with Spooky2

My mind was always racing at night and I had to take sleeping aids to get to sleep. Since I have had my S2 and detox often, I have not needed ANY sleep aid and my mind is very clear and focused when I wake up. Just do your detox and programs and you will… Read More »

My fasting blood glucose has dropped

I am having spectacular unexpected results with my new starter kit. While running the first lowest power remote detox my fasting blood glucose dropped from 128 to 93. I’m 62 and have had high fasting glucose since I was 20, perhaps earlier. Even keto < 10 carbs a day + 20 hr fast did not… Read More »

My dog is bright eyed and bushy tailed

I would love to see. Others with older dogs, mine is 9 this month. Try running DH laser rubbing in gentle circles the neck all the down the spine. And back up. Spinal energy flow, spinal nervous system correction, oxygenize, I don’t even go through the complete programs. Next thing you know she is bright… Read More »