Tumor finally shrinks

I’m working to heal my Mycosis Fungoides. The Spooky2-XM generator helped to get more energy and detox, but it was was very difficult to do the scan, because of the needed time, not moving etc… So I bought the X-Generator in june. Before I did a lot for my health concerning nutrition, meditation, sport, but… Read More »

The pain he was experiencing is GONE.

Our first purchase was the Advanced Kit — 4 XM generators with attachments. About 6 weeks later we purchased the Spooky Plasma and an additional XM generator. In the 3+ months that we have been using Spooky2 my husband has had some wonderful results! The pain he was experiencing is GONE. He had been in… Read More »

Amazing Success with Healing 13 Years of Frozen Shoulder

Spooky2 never ceases to amaze me. I have just run the Program titled “Stiff Shoulder CAFL” two times (total 32 minutes) in Contact Mode using the Empty Shell Preset “Healing (C) – JW” and I now have 40% more range of movement in my Arms. I used simple Dowsing with my Pendulum to select which… Read More »