Verruca Program was Effective on My Friend’s Warts

Success Story! My friend has a lot of issues, gout, diabetes, overweight and has warts all over her body! Has been taking meds for warts with no success!! I wanted to help her but she’s afraid she’ll start growing monkey parts!! So I managed to convince her to let me try the Verruca program on… Read More »

Spooky 2 Remote Working Wonders 1000 Miles Away

Greeting Fellow Spooky 2 Remote Researchers, Although I feel that Spooky 2 Central, Plasma and Scalar are always best, I always say that Spooky 2 Remote is better than nothing else. Especially when Spooky 2 Remote is all that you can utilize for that particular situation and the following describes just that. About 2-3 months… Read More »

The Pain from Dupuytren Contracture was Alleviated

We ran the frequencies for Dupuytren contracture of the hand on 1/22/2021 and the pain from the plantar fibromatosis (lederhosen disease which is the same disease of the feet) went from a 5 (on a 1-10 pain scale) waking me up at night in my left foot to a 2. On 1/25/21 we ran the… Read More »

Success Stories for Improving Eyesight and Relieving Eczema

I’d like to share with you two success stories. If you find them useful, please comment. One of them is eye help. I have run “Eyesight To Improve (R) – JK” (Heal\Remote Preset) and found it helpful, but being a tinkering guy I supplemented that preset with some more programs. Within a short time, I… Read More »

Surprising results from Healing and Regeneration preset

About a week ago, I decided to try running the Healing and Regeneration preset, 24/7 on remote to see what it might do (presets>miscellaneous >remote>healing and regeneration-DB). I’ve noticed two surprising things are happening. Two spots that have been itchy (nerve ending itchiness) since my mastectomies back in December 2005 from my original bout with… Read More »