I Use Spooky2 to Kill My Candida

I can’t believe I found such an effective Rife machine that is so affordable. I have been using it to kill my candida over the last month using contact and various programs and it is truly speeding up the healing. Thanks for an amazing product.

Spooky2 Helped My Patient Back to Work

I have a patient with a breast tumor, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, both Spooky2 scan and live blood analysis, showed no cancer but a fluke, we treat her weekly with Spooky2, supplemental herbs, far infra red blanket and monitor progress with live blood analysis. She is back to work, got her energy back,… Read More »

Spooky2 Brings Me More Peace and Rest

EMF Hypesensitivity pain relieve, Fibromyalgia relieve, much better Digestion, Pain in Ear relieve, much easier and deeper breathing, gain more Energy, Breast-pain Relieve/gain volumen and good feeling in my body, more peace and rest in general.  

Spooky2 Saved Me from Pain in A Tooth

Spooky2 saved me from significant throbbing pain in a tooth that needed a root canal. I ran the dental frequencies around the clock with no pain, it was amazing.