Spooky2 Helped Me Get Rid of Toxins

From Artur Mantura To Everyone: I still running Terain Nr 2 NON STOP on 1 GenX ,sametimes on 3 slots with conjuction to pure destiled water, EDTA and 21 or 30 days water fasting twice per year. All of that since 2019 when John White and his staff helped me by advise how to ged… Read More »

Bruise and Acute Sinusitis Gone Using Spooky2

Bruise like spot on my leg gone in about 30 minutes! (Poctures beforw and after)I noticed again new spot this morning which, unexplained why they appear but I ran the 2 programs for bruises and circulation program, noticed after 30 minutes it is gone, or faded much, that’s great, I tried it first time. Besides… Read More »

Canker Sore Totally Gone Within 4 Hrs

Oh my gosh. I’ve had a canker sore in my mouth for years and 4 hrs of Spooky2. And its totally gone. I am so amazed with Spooky2. Thank you!! Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/posts/2366149533546936/

Spooky2 Helped Wound Healing Via Remote Mode

Hi, my husband had quite a large and very deep puncture wound where a stick penetrated his shin from a motorbike accident just this Sunday gone. Went to hospital and was clean out and given drip antibiotics. Wound was left open for anymore debris to clear itself. I have used the remote on blood purification… Read More »