Spooky2 Relieve My Swollen Spine In A Car Accident

Success! I was in a car accident a couple of days ago and my car was totaled. I was rear-ended whilst waiting for a light to turn green. I was hit so hard I thought my car had momentary after burners and I was being launched into space, lol. I definitely experienced shock and whiplash.… Read More »

Spooky2 For My Family

I am so pleased with my Spooky 2 Generators. I actually was able to get my stubborn husband to start trying them and his health has improved tremendously. He is not one to believe in such things, but I think he is coming around. Anyway, I wanted to mention that after running the Terrain programs… Read More »

The Wonders Spooky2 Did On My Son’s Tooth Cavity

Wow wow wow, I am completely blown away by this. We noticed a cavity forming on our 7yr sons tooth so on Tuesday night and Wednesday we started using David Halliday’s preset no12 for Teeth & Gums Decay & Restoration in Spooky 2 running on Remote 24hrs a day and we used the MP3 of… Read More »

My Granddaughter’s Wart Had Flattened

First visual success…I have been running a common wart protocol for 2 weeks for my granddaughter (she has had a large one for well over a year)…she visited yesterday & said “Look Memaw, my wart if flat!” it is almost totally gone, I will run it for a couple more weeks to be sure 🙂… Read More »