14 of Us Are Doing the Terrain Protocol.

By | May 30, 2016

We went through step 1-3 in Sept then stopped to wait on more generators. I herxed through most of it. 2 people in their 70s said they did not noticed anything. I wondered if their nail did not have any DNA in it. Another person mostly only noticed when Elimination was running.

Yesterday, I started over. Terrain, step 1.1 am charting this like the previous post. Will report at the end how each step went. So far: immediately nearly as soon as the switch was on I started with a “running off my face” nose and eyes running water. Another was extremely tired within 6 hours (same as previous poster reported). But after 20 hours is feeling great. Have not heard from the other 2. They are skeptical. They are also both sick and have many issues. So we will see.

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