This machine is utterly amazing me!

By | September 6, 2017

This machine is utterly amazing me! I am severely nearsighted, corrected by contacts for over 53 years. My optometrist mentioned at my visit a month ago, that I sure have a lot of floaters. He always says that, but yesterday they got much worse, along with blurred vision in my left eye. Husband added “floaters” to my remote list and started running that last night. I can hardly believe my eyes, literally! The floaters are gone! Even my regular ones! And my vision is VERY sharp! Last night, I feared the worst, that I couldn’t wear contacts anymore. (I know that is not what I should have been thinking!)
I am overcome at times with thankfulness, that God led us to this, and today it gives us such hope that it’s working on his cancer as well as my floaters.
A huge thanks to all of you who answered our basic questions with patience and compassion. We truly would not be as far along without your help. Blessings.



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