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By | April 22, 2016


I get the two mixed up…I can’t see far away…I’m OK at short distance…short sighted-longsighted…….what ever it is…I can’t see far away…but its getting better with spooky on eye sight improvement frequency’s…its early days yet..but my eye examination test was encouraging..
The eye sight has improved not deteriorated ..It’s a step in the right direction…I’m taking it easy. Just 30 mins every 2 days.of the spooky ..using my finger nail in the white remote thingy…that’s about it…I’ll let you all know how things are progressing..from time to time
Macular degeneration, Cataracts, Arthritis, Swelling of legs, Eye floaters,
I would like to share some success stories with all interested. My first success was with a friend in his late 50s suffering with macular degeneration the programs I ran were macular degeneration (kHz) visual acuity (CAFL) and cataract (CAFL)
After running for 22hrs he reported his floaters had gone completely. My second success was with a lady friend 60 year old suffering with Cataracts Her words were ” It is like looking through a lace curtain ” after running the cataracts (CAFL) for 24hrs she reported her eyes started watering a lot and then her vision cleared. She was so impressed that she asked me to order a spooky 2 setup for her which I did.
My third success was Last week when a male friend of mine 73 year old was complaining of pain with arthritis and swelling of his legs. I ran Arthritis General (CAFL), Burtis (KHZ), Blood Circulation Sluggish (XTRA) Circulatory Statis (CAFL), Amplitude 20, Sawtooth, Duty Cycle 50. He reported after 48hrs that he was completely pain free and the swelling had gone down. He is very impressed with it as he didn’t really believe it would work . I have left him on the machine over the holidays.
All programs with my friends were run with the remotes with fingernails.
Hope this is of some help to others.
Eyesight, near sighted
I added the near sighted frequency to my treatment list a while ago and forgot, the next day I had to take off my glasses while at the PC because my vision was blurry with them on, when I realized what I had done, I removed the frequency and after a few hours I had to put the glasses back on!
This was with Spooky Remote upgrade. I have worn goggles for over 30 years, and over time the glass has become thicker as my eye sight got worse having run spooky eye sight improvement frequency’s my eye sight has improved for the 1st time in 30 years and now I have had to purchase a new set of goggles with thinner glass …spooky dooky!
Eye irritation, eye floaters
Hello Friends,
I am fortunate enough to not have any serious ailments. However, I have had an eye irritation that I have learned to live with for as long as I can remember. Simple enough but nothing any eye Dr could treat. The floaters you get in your eyes, well I had a severe case of them and very persistent. My quick fix was to put my head under the faucet and rinse my eye out. That was a good 30-hour fix.
As I was familiarizing my self with spookys frequency list, I noticed ” Eye Floaters”. I said “yee haw”!! Anyways this program didnt take long at all. I noticed relief probably in a couple hours. I didn’t time it and all of the sudden realized there were no floaters. Anyways it’s been a few days and it’s the longest time ever that I haven’t had to put my eye under the faucet to rinse it out. Sometimes I’d take the cup of water I was drinking and just hold it to my eye (s) to flush them out.
I only ran the program for maybe 3 hours total time since the first time and no sign of them. U2 Positive outcome. Similar situation, an eye problem with my wife.Z days ago she had what she described as “sand” in the eye. I ran the eye infection program and that day it was gone. Today at breakfast she said it was bothering her again. So I put the program back on and it’s now gone again… BEFORE THE PROGRAM WAS FINISHED. I’m really not surprised in the least. I ran several other programs, mainly the minerals, oils, and detoxes.
I feel like I had a major tune up.
Spooky is powerful.
Conjuctivitis, myopia, vision
Thanks to my staying up multiple nights till ungodly hours and drinking coffee I seem to have brought on conjunctivitis, so I cranked up my remote devices and it is almost gone now.
Yesterday I ran freqs via my Rife Medic 5 with S.Remote and then overnight I used Spooky2/Remote. As far as freqs on the RM I used what is preprogrammed there and on Spooky2 I used freqs I got from the TCM and Electroherbalism book sets. I nave been running the vision acuity, eyesight to improve, diplopia and exotropia nonstop for several months, My son was diagnosed with a small amount of myopia and is having therapy for exotropia and diplopia.
After a month running the programs, we did a wellchild vision screening and they didn’t detect any myopia We will keep running the programs for a few more months until his next optometrist visit to see if ifs completely gone.
I have been running a myopia program non-stop for three months now and the improvement was about +0.5 after one month. Our next exam appointment is in three more months. I will continue running until then and hopefully we will finish correcting the total prescription of -0.75.
Reversed vision
I just got our spooky 2 set ups for my dad and I so I can’t comment on it but my dad reversed his vision issued with a magnetic pulse he was using for joint issues. Was having to use strong reading glasses. Now he can read small print without them.


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