Abdominal Hernia Success

By | March 31, 2016

Hi friends,

I’d like to report a rather spectacular success for Spooky2 Remote Mode in a case of abdominal hernia in an elderly lady who is a good friend of mine.

Three months ago, because of her advanced age, she was turned down for surgery on an abdominal hernia the size of an orange. However, her daughter managed to find an old-school surgeon who said he was prepared to operate in June this year.

At that stage, it was decided to try Spooky2 because there was nothing to lose – and because hospitals are dangerous places, especially for the elderly. Frequency sets used were:

Hernia Hiatal KHZ
Hernia Umbilical KHZ
Hernia General XTRA

The Program was all three sets loaded on one generator and run remotely non-stop for the past three months. Settings were based on the JW-Healing Preset except that a plain sawtooth wave was used instead of a square wave, and the Amplitude was mainly set to 9.5, but occasionally run at 20 for three or four days at a time.

Here’s the odd thing: early on, we didn’t seem to be getting any results at all. One night, our of nowhere, the thought entered my head to try using a Frequency Multiplier of 64, against all logic for a healing Program.

Boom! The hernia started to reduce in size, and kept on reducing. So I left the multiplier on, occasionally changing it back to 1 whenever I changed the Amplitude setting.

Today, as part of her pre-op preparation, my friend had an ultrasound scan. The doctors could find no trace of any hernia in her abdomen.

Obviously, she’s overjoyed because she doesn’t have to undergo surgery and hospitalisation now, and she’s greatly looking forward to explaining her changed circumstances to the surgeon.

I am, I admit, at a loss to explain this. All I can say is that every night when I checked on things, I thought of my friend with fondness and compassion, and I wanted desperately to spare her the horror of major surgery. Perhaps, as is currently being discussed in another thread on a different forum here, operator intent had something to do with this amazing result?

Namaste, and much love and light to you all.

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