After 10 minutes I noticed that he had stopped coughing entirely.

By | February 22, 2018

Wrote a comment about a forthnight back about the scans not showing anything. Thanks to the feedback from you all and changing settings I was getting hits but I guess I am just healthier than I thought. Anyway my son tends to get coughs which can go on all night and he was starting one on Sunday evening. I had my GenX and scanned him placing the pads over the trapezius muscles on either side of the neck. I ran the scan on the factory setttings to see what we would get. We got 4 hits at .4 tolerance (previously a week before there was nothing) so I plugged these straight into a killing shell preset and ran them. After 10 minutes I noticed that he had stopped coughing entirely. We kept him on the spooky until 10pm where I had to move him to another bed so I took him off to see how he would be plus my wife needed the spooky for her colitis. He started coughing again after 20 min off the Spooky. We rearranged things so he could share the Genx with my wife for overnight contact. I would say that it was remarkably successful although he is still unwell some 2 days later.
Does anyone else get these sort half results with coughs and colds?
Doesnt Cure it but makes it better.

Coughs and Colds


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