All My Patients Are Well Pleased with Spooky2

By | June 16, 2020

As a research bio-physicist I have used the Spooky2 XM remote kits on 8 different patients to resolve chronic lower back pain, stenosis issues, chronic knee pain and shoulder rotator cuff pain. Also used to resolve immune system problems…specifically used to raise both red and white blood cell counts for 4 chemo patients and raise IANC. Resolved insomnia and quality of sleep problems with 3 patients. Currently managing 2 patients with ADD problems showing marked improvement after 3 months. Most of the programs we use are our own constructs based on the basic frequency building block programs provided with Spooky2 and we also use a variety of waveforms provided as part of the default Spooky2 software with an emphasis on the sine harmonics and square waves. All patients are well pleased with the results using the XM remote technology.

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