All the Symptoms of Getting RSV Disappeared After Using Spooky2

By | November 28, 2023

Yes, when my first Spooky2 arrived, it was like a UFO device landed in my home, with a language I didn’t understand. I vowed to myself to learn one spooky update/lesson a day. Best decision I ever made in my life. I highly recommend all Spooky2 tech, which I now own. One has to have patience and determination like your life depends on it; yes my life was literally on the line. I am very grateful I am still alive going on ten years later, have recovered from these nightmares. CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome, also called the suicide disease) Work accident shattered my left foot and ankle, bedridden for like 18 years. Late stage Neurological Lyme disease. Heavy dose pain medication dependence. Low functioning immune system (getting sick all the time). My latest experience was getting RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) I was traveling here in Mexico and became very sick. I ordered a Genx essential kit. Luckily it arrived when it did as I was having: Coughing attacks wouldn’t end. My throat was swelling up, really hurt, I couldn’t breathe. I had no energy. Brain fog. Pain level very high. High temperature, sweating. Sneezing a lot from having a sinus infection, head cold. Mucus buildup I couldn’t breathe through my nose. I was completely miserable. I was ready to go to the hospital I was not a happy camper, nothing was working. Literally within a few hours of getting the Genx Essential kit, all of my symptoms began to vanish. Most noticeable was sore throat didn’t hurt anymore completely mystified me. A few days later felt normal again. Another lesson is to never go anywhere or be anywhere without my Spooky2 Genx essential kit. Team Spooky2 saved my life again! I am very grateful I Love Team Spooky2 Thank You 🙂 Note: I ran hunt-and-kill contact, with pads on the other sides of my belly button (my favorite strategy).


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