Arthritis symtoms healed in 3 days!

By | September 16, 2023

I am 39 years old and was suffering from arthritis or arthrosis related pains on the insides of both knees. They have been inflamed for more than 1.5 years, and I had increasing pain and difficulty to move them, especially in the morning. Since the doctor’s reply was only a prescription of anti inflammation drugs and arthritis drugs, with the prognosis that I will have a lot of difficulties in 10 years time, I started looking for alternative solutions by doing my on research.
I acquired the spooky2 generator xm essential kit, and tried the different arthritis protocols, however with only a minute result. Continuing my search to find solutions, I stumbled upon the information that arthritis, as well as other symptoms I had developed in recent years such as positional vertigo, tinnitus, eczema, are all symptoms of stage 4 of the “Epstein Barr Virus” (according to info read in books by Medical Medium). So I went back to spooky2 and used the “JW epstein barr preset” in contact mode using the contact knee sleeves for 2 hours. The next morning 80% of my inflammation and pain was gone. After another 2 hours treatment the next evening, the pain was perhaps 95% gone, and after the treatment on the 3rd day, I am amazed and grateful to say that it feels like my arthritis is completely healed. The only pain that is left is the damage which has been done to the knee/ligaments after 1.5 years of constant inflammation, but I am sure the body is just healing them over a longer period of time. Out of my own experience I am now convinced that spooky2 is extremely effective, in my case for killing a virus which was trying to enter my knees. In a few days I will shift the focus on treating the tinnitus in my ear using the cold laser. I will let you know if the treatment will be successful. All people suffering from arthritis related illnesses, please consider that you might perhaps have the epstein barr virus, which is difficult to detect since it can hide in organs and therefore not show up on a blood analysis. May all of you heal from your ailments, and thank you to spooky2 for offering affordable and essential aid in this regard!

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