Asthma and Allergies Improved

By | July 19, 2019

You may know, I have 2 Genx’s plus accessories. Still being relatively new to this, but a faithful reader of others posts, I continue to learn. Eighteen months ago, I had a severe allergic reaction to the Prevnar13 vaccine. The allergic reaction trashed my immune system and enabled the Epstein Barr virus to gain a foot hold in my body. I’m also a longtime asthmatic and have many allergies. To my surprise, I have used the Spooky remote to much improve my asthma and allergies. My battle with Epstein is on numerous fronts including a direct assault on the virus using contact mode and tens pads, heavy metal cleanup of my mouth, and a measured approach to detox. I’m fortunate to have an enlightened Dr. who has guided me, and continues to monitor my condition and guide my actions.

I also have a friend who feels that she beat chronic Lyme disease using the Spooky system. she was very important in helping me get setup and in learning the basics including preparing my presets. I’ve also read your emails and documents and appreciate the recommendations for many conditions.

I’m still learning. I want to try biofeedback but have to be careful with detox because of my bodies extreme sensitivity but feel I’m making progress.

Thanks again!


asthmatic and allergies

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