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Spooky2 calmed my tachycardia right down

So thankful…. was having a bad night with tachycardia. Added the tachycardia programmes (I deleted duplicate frequencies) and Spooky2 calmed it right down. Resting pulse was 105 … now 76….. such a relief!!! Source:

I have not taken even one heartburn pill for 4 months since I’ve used Spooky2

I have combined several programs into 3 different programs that I run on 3 remotes 24/7 on my GenX and XM generators. This morning, after breakfast, I noticed my heartburn issue was acting up…very uncomfortable and painful. I checked the program, and it was running one of the other frequencies that I had combined with… Read More »

I sleep better with Spooky2

My mind was always racing at night and I had to take sleeping aids to get to sleep. Since I have had my S2 and detox often, I have not needed ANY sleep aid and my mind is very clear and focused when I wake up. Just do your detox and programs and you will… Read More »

My dog is bright eyed and bushy tailed

I would love to see. Others with older dogs, mine is 9 this month. Try running DH laser rubbing in gentle circles the neck all the down the spine. And back up. Spinal energy flow, spinal nervous system correction, oxygenize, I don’t even go through the complete programs. Next thing you know she is bright… Read More »