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Parasites In the Body are Killed

Dear Penny, Thanks for your reply. I have researched and tested a few programs, and it seems that worms in face/nose responds to the ascaris programs. Especially ascaris progs using Scalar, you will sense immediate twitching and wiggling and some start swimming around. Disgusting creatures- when I find out where they are, they can be… Read More »

Have a Good Night’s Sleep by Using Spooky2 Scalar

Crazy how with the right substances on the Scalar plate means a night of sleeping with or without intense muscle cramps! Usually I can tell when Scalar shuts off because muscle tightness or cramps start getting worse (even if in a sound sleep). I don’t know if it was something I was using or needed… Read More »

Insomnia Overcame and Energy Boosted

Dear Echo, You emailed me to ask how I was finding Spooky2 after having it for 2 months. You can use the following as a testimonial if you like. After 2 months of owning a Spooky2 set-up I am now confident using it. I have two xm generators plus the usual attachments. I mainly use… Read More »