Back Pain Completely Gone

By | February 24, 2023

Here’s a lovely success story. A friends parents in their late 70s were visiting, both had terrible back pain, the gentleman’s was from an old spinal injury, the lady’s a recent car accident. He was used to living with pain, she was on strong pain killers that were wiping her out but only slightly dulling the pain.
I ran a pain relief program for her and ran a 1028Hz healing frequency for him, just for an hour to see if it would help.
OMG, after just an hour they got off the bed, she was pain free and he was so shocked at being out of pain after decades of suffering that he couldn’t even speak!
Her pain suppression lasted almost 24 hours, 2 days later his back is still pain free. They’ve just bought the GenXPro Essentials kit and I am so happy for them. Thanks Spooky2!
EDIT: To answer the questions below:
As with all healing, it’s trial and error to find which frequency works best for you. I hit lucky with these 2 by finding something that worked on each of them first time.
I used the tens pads on both of them with a contact healing preset.
Her program was called ‘analgesic pain relief’ in a healing contact peset relief that I ran twice.
His program was ‘fractures bone 2’ where I changed the dwell multiplier as per the instructions, again in a healing contact preset.


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