BFB scans strengthed my immune system

By | January 7, 2023

The power of daily BFB High Frequency scans.
A few weeks ago I posted my succes story, feeling ill but because of spooky it was gone way faster than before.
This Christmas was another proof of the power of Spooky.
I have all of us in Maintenence Detox, use programs when we face illness and I do a daily High Frequency BfB scan with GenX.
Last saturday my daughther felt sick, vomitting and diarrhea. My son a day later, and my husband a day after that. All of them were sick 4 days. I started feeling tired on wednesday.
I did a BFB scan, during the scan I started feeling nauseous, threw up and went to bed. The next day I wasn’t sick anymore.
I genualy feel that the daily scanning from last year helped my body recover so fast. Being ill isn’t bad for your body, it strengthens the imune system. I believe the theory Illness feeds itself with pathogenes and toxins. So (mild) illness is a way to get rid of that. But when your body is full of toxins the balance is gone, you won’t recover, even a simple flu can be a burden. Throwing up was a way of my body to get rid of bad pathogenes. That the BFB scan triggered it was interesting for me.
The fact my husband and childeren recovered in 4 days was already a huge succes. We bought Spooky2 1 year ago because we were getting ill all the time. 2 young childeren, lockdowns, it wasn’t helping and really influeced our daily lifes and happines. We couldn’t recover from illness, it took weeks and when finally feeling ok again, we got hit again. The self healing power of our bodies couldn’t cope.
But the proof how the BFB scans strengthed my immune system ( While I used to be the one being sick the longest in the past, hence the BFB scans for me) feels like a true blessing:)
Try the daily scans to improve your self healing power, give your body TIME to become stronger. Healing is a process, don’t expect miracles within a day ( even though spooky gave me exactly that a few times already lol)
Trust the proces and protocols and know the frequencies help your body to do what it does best, healing and bringing balance to your body. In this toxic world we sometimes need some help and spooky does that.


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