Bone Cancer in My Dog Improved

By | July 17, 2019

“I having been using my remote every single day. I have eight dogs and one of them has advanced bone cancer. He has a tumor the size of a football. I truly did not think he would make it until the genx arrived but he did. He is now doing very well. We had his bloodwork done and the vet was extremely shocked because it came back normal. The white blood cells were completely normal. I believe this has allowed him to live longer and enjoy the time he has left. He is playing with toys again. I mainly run the immune booster nonstop. Since his cancer was so advanced I was worried about running anything else. I will send you a before and after photo in another email.”

2 thoughts on “Bone Cancer in My Dog Improved

  1. Tom

    Wow! This is wonderful news.

    Our Shiva is a 9 year old female with bone cancer in her jaw. I have been running the detox, then general cancer, then detox again. I noticed when starting the second detox the lights in the remote were not on as before. Concerned that it was no longer working I tried reaching out. Now it is a holiday weekend. We just ordered another to expedite being able to get back on track with treatments.

    Have you tried any other tools? I am frantically searching to see what I can use on a Samoyed Queen. She is my service companion… has pulled me in my wheelchair. She is worth more than gold.

    Blessings to you and your boy!


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