Bone Spurs, Hypo Pharyngeal Cancer , Hemochromatosis

By | May 11, 2016

My daughter suffered for years with horrible bone spurs could barely walk at night and when she got up in the morning. She had one treatment and immediately noticed the difference. It hasn’t cured her yet but she has noticed terrific improvement and finds can walk quite well with minimal pain. She was so excited she bought her own spooky. My son has hypo pharyngeal cancer and the growth caused severe pain it seemed to be growing daily. He bought three spookys and it seemed to be reducing the pain and slowing the growth. He has only had it about a month and is doing the cancer protocol. My husband has cancer as well hemochromatosis we have been doing the hemochromatosis but have not had a recent test to see if it has reduced his high iron count but his red blood count is slowing much to the surprise of his specialist and Doctor. His blood transfusions are getting further apart.


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