Bruises Gone after Using Spooky2 Contact

By | January 19, 2021

I wanted to post an experience I just had after Moh’s surgery on my nose. There was just a small scaly spot that my Dermatologist burned off last year then took a biopsy this year because it didn’t heal. The biopsy was positive for the basal cell so they did Moh’s on Thursday. They had to go in 3 different times to get margins and was more extensive by far than originally thought. The cancer had spread wide not deep ( better). Then they had to take a flap from lower nose to patch the wide “hole” so I am stitched from top to bottom. Dr said I could take bandages off today and not be freaked out because there would be lots of swelling, bruising and possible black eyes. I used Spooky2 immediately when I got home. I used Contact with programs Detox anaesthesia, bruising and accelerated healing then remote and another round of Contact yesterday followed by remote. The first picture shows how MUCH lidocaine they used as my nose was white and full and the next picture is this morning ( Saturday). A little swelling and so far no bruising. I’m pretty amazed! May use a scar program also!


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