Canker Sores Improvement

By | April 29, 2016

I should note for the record that while intrigued, I am still skeptical with the efficacy of quantum entanglement, however this must be noted.

For those that get afflicted with canker sores, you are initiated with the 7-10 days of pain, as these internal lesions heal slowly.

Okay, after the above post, I ran all four canker settings on spooky2, pre-set remote healing with a few finger nails in the tray with the white padded magnet, on the second and third day, with dwell multiplier .33, repeat 4 times,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,after the first day there was a major improvement, after the next day and second spooky 2 session, they quickly receded.

I have no control to work from, but knocking out canker sores in 2-3 days instead of 7-10, is very curious.

Clearly this is a measured example by the lesions clearing up, no way could the placebo effect be at work…………..honestly, well, it is a little spooky 😀

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