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Imprinting Success In My Dog’s Health

Imprinting success and questions!!! I’ve been imprinting water and a Crystal for my dog for about a week. When I do it, she sleeps through the night and doesn’t wet the bed. If I miss it, we wet the bed . This was just programs I selected on healing and 285hz. So then I decided… Read More »

Arthritis And Keen Pains Relieved

I ‘ve been loving this forum, such a great place to get questions answered! My husband and I have been using S2 for a couple of months now and are having some wonderful results. I have pain in both knees – one is bone on bone but I don’t want a knee replacement, and the… Read More »

Sciatica And Arthritis Have Gone!

Success! I have been in complete discomfort from sciatica for weeks. Nothing helped. And then I changed my GenX from my BFB program to the Sciatica programs. I have the 3 running now as of last night. I also have a program running for arthritis that’s been on for 3 days. What a difference! I’m… Read More »