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Spooky2 Helps My Life Long Asthma Issues

Well, I just had an interesting, if not short night. I started detoxing after midnight sometime, sweating, crazy dreams, restless. I couldn’t sleep past 3 am, looked at where I was on the Terrain program and I had just started detox Liver & Kidneys. So, whatever questions I had regarding whether remote worked or not,… Read More »

My Son’s Asthma Has Got Better

My 9 years old son, has asthma. By Thursday night, before bedtime, he started wheezing… I got a BFB and run R16+Dermophagoides+cryptococcus+breathe easier+lung tonic in one generator and detox on the other generator. He had a great night’s sleep with no wheezing and with no medication. (heart eyes) By Friday morning he made a running… Read More »

Asthma and Allergies Improved

Hi, You may know, I have 2 Genx’s plus accessories. Still being relatively new to this, but a faithful reader of others posts, I continue to learn. Eighteen months ago, I had a severe allergic reaction to the Prevnar13 vaccine. The allergic reaction trashed my immune system and enabled the Epstein Barr virus to gain… Read More »