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Asthma and Allergies Improved

Hi, You may know, I have 2 Genx’s plus accessories. Still being relatively new to this, but a faithful reader of others posts, I continue to learn. Eighteen months ago, I had a severe allergic reaction to the Prevnar13 vaccine. The allergic reaction trashed my immune system and enabled the Epstein Barr virus to gain… Read More »

Spooky Arrested that in a Hurry

I had a really bad cough for just about a year a few years ago and was diagnosed with asthma, so was on puffers etc. Since spooky’s asthma in data base I have had one brief bout this summer at harvest time, spooky arrested that in a hurry. Source:

Some Positive Outcomes

Hi Marcin, I’m fairly new to using Spooky2, but I will tell you some positive outcomes that I have had. 1. Had a friend with a horse that was shot in the neck…major infection tracks down its neck had to be on antibiotics for over a month, everytime our friend took the horse off of… Read More »