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Immediate effects for me

Immediate effects for me. Ran something for my gallbladder after being very sick for a year and haven’t had any trouble at all since. It’s like a true miracle .. Busted my foot today and it helped the pain really quickly. I ran one for healing, not pain. But I can walk now. And the… Read More »

My Son has Achieved Huge Improvements Regarding Asthma and Allergies Using Spooky2

Since last year 2019, I’ve been using spooky2 devices with me and my family. My 9 years old son has achieved huge improvements regarding asthma and allergies. He reduced medication drastically. With the most recent software functionalities, we are noticing amazing changes in his physical resistance! Thank you spooky2 family! Source:

Spooky2 Helps My Life Long Asthma Issues

Well, I just had an interesting, if not short night. I started detoxing after midnight sometime, sweating, crazy dreams, restless. I couldn’t sleep past 3 am, looked at where I was on the Terrain program and I had just started detox Liver & Kidneys. So, whatever questions I had regarding whether remote worked or not,… Read More »

My Son’s Asthma Has Got Better

My 9 years old son, has asthma. By Thursday night, before bedtime, he started wheezing… I got a BFB and run R16+Dermophagoides+cryptococcus+breathe easier+lung tonic in one generator and detox on the other generator. He had a great night’s sleep with no wheezing and with no medication. (heart eyes) By Friday morning he made a running… Read More »

Asthma and Allergies Improved

Hi, You may know, I have 2 Genx’s plus accessories. Still being relatively new to this, but a faithful reader of others posts, I continue to learn. Eighteen months ago, I had a severe allergic reaction to the Prevnar13 vaccine. The allergic reaction trashed my immune system and enabled the Epstein Barr virus to gain… Read More »