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Spooky 2 GenX will be a part of the sequel we write next year when my daughter realizes a FULL recovery from autoimmune disease and chronic illness.

My healthy, vibrant, twelve-year-old daughter devolved into regressive autism little over a year and a half ago. Her rapid decline in health and eventual lapse into regressive autism blindsided me from left field. I’ve spent the past year and a half in the fight of my life with a single vision to recover her. Several… Read More »

Improvement in an Autistic Child

Dear Echo I have another story. Much better. It started 3 months ago.  They came to my practice. Mother with two twins 16 years old. They both with autism. One is behaiving like 4 years old kid and the other like 10 years old. The story is on the first one. He doesn’t like to… Read More »

Spooky Central for Autism

Hi Echo, Thank you for helping us with the Spooky Central. I just wanted to report back to you that it is have a very good effect. Mostly we have seen benefit from the Lyme, candida and lyme coinfection frequencies. But you can see in her face and eyes, alertness and understanding. Also, it is… Read More »