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Back Pain Completely Gone

Here’s a lovely success story. A friends parents in their late 70s were visiting, both had terrible back pain, the gentleman’s was from an old spinal injury, the lady’s a recent car accident. He was used to living with pain, she was on strong pain killers that were wiping her out but only slightly dulling… Read More »

We continue to see improvements with our kitty, my husband, and me

The most impressive testimony is for my nineteen-year-old cat, Kishka. I continue to be amazed at the improvement my kitty shows daily, despite the fact that last year, his health was declining rapidly, and I was mentally preparing myself for his death:( His kidneys were failing, he had trouble walking because of a horrific back… Read More »

Only 15 days Spooky2 helps my husband on both eye problems and peripheral neuropathy

My husband lives in an elderly home and currently I am not allowed to visit due to Covid restrictions. He is 74 and is suffering from many illnesses, eye glaucoma, cataract, diabetic retinopathy, he already lost eyesight on his left eye, so the right eye is very important for him. He also suffers from peripheral… Read More »