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And her back pain resolved.

I found this little 3 minute program called Miraculous Windfall of Money. One of my friends was being treated by Spooky for back pain and we thought we would add this in for fun. Could not hurt since she was up the proverbial creek anyway financially. What happened was truly jaw dropping. She unexpectedly sold… Read More »

At the moment she got relief from the programs.

My wife has several back problem, most in the lower back, that affect also the sciatic nerve. At the moment she got relief from the programs backhake 1 calf sciatica 1 calf that works like a a pain killer the TAC and x-ray diagnose a very thin disks and spondylolisthesis( slipped vertebra ) . I… Read More »

Once Again My Husband is Making Me a Believer.

For some reason I’m always on the fence about this Spooky business, but once again my husband is making me a believer. He was complaining about his back and shoulder, and not being able to sleep good at night. So I decided to start running some programs on him. He comes home and says, “have… Read More »