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Frequency Health Care Protects You from Infection

my personal experiences with a form of this Frequency Health care is nothing short of Phenomenal…a local store has a form of this & regularly kills the virus, bacteria & parasites in people in everyday life. Perfectly Safe, assisted with specific herbal supplements to complete the detoxification processes…..after 3 years of regular treatments for a… Read More »

Success in treating painful lower abdominal gas

I recently developed a new problem of very painful gas in the lower abdomen. I looked up the bacteria associated with irritable bowel syndrome and found them to be Enterococcus faecalis and faecium. I tried running the DNA frequencies for these bacteria from the Spooky database for about 24 hours and had no results. I… Read More »

It is Quick Result for A Remote Treatment

I felt a reduction in swelling and irritation within 24 hours, and ran the frequencies for 3 days. About a week passed, and I was no longer experiencing symptoms. I have had to repeat the treatment once, nearly two years from the first. These are quick results for a remote treatment. I hypothesize that in… Read More »