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Imprinting Success In My Dog’s Health

Imprinting success and questions!!! I’ve been imprinting water and a Crystal for my dog for about a week. When I do it, she sleeps through the night and doesn’t wet the bed. If I miss it, we wet the bed . This was just programs I selected on healing and 285hz. So then I decided… Read More »

I Have Healed Chronic Reoccurring Cystitis with Spooky2

Success story!!! I just wanted to share that I have healed chronic reoccurring cystitis with running biofeedback scan frequencies in contact mode and remote. Rifing religiously every night for 2 weeks. It’s not something I was rifing for originally (h pylori + gut dysbiosis), but it’s definitely a very welcome side effect 😍👍. I’ve had… Read More »