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Big Scalar Surprise! No More Toenail Fungus!

I’ve been using the Scalar for a year now and it’s improving my energy and strength due to 33 years of Fibromyalgia. But I recently noticed another improvement that I’d not paid attention to before. The toenail fungus I’d tried fighting (and finally given up on) for about 7 years was GONE! I never imagined… Read More »

Flu Pathogens

Fantastic results – I ran JW’s killing remote, dual MN, for the pathogens listed and a mold spectrum sweep for 4 cycles. Simultaneously, broadcasting from dual BN remotes under JW’s Healing remote config. , I executed colloidal Silver & Gold scalar, Detox Lymphs for 4 cycles , and ran a SOTA blood zapper for an… Read More »


Spooky settings and frequencies used for Bronchitis:- Frequency Multiplier: 1 Repeat Every frequency: 1 Repeat Each Set: 1 Repeat Program: 8 Dwell Multiplier: .35 Duty Cycle: 71% Amplitude: 4v Positive Offset: 100 Phase Angle: 0 Apply: Frequencies Direct Gate: 7.1305 Hz (via Advance Menu Refresh Rate setting of 14.261 Hz) Waveform: Square Wave X: 1… Read More »