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Burning on My Hands and Arms ARE Much Better Using Spooky2

I have had burning on my hands and arms, almost like a mild sunburn. I couldn’t wear long sleeves much because of the irritation. I have been using colloid silver a couple times a day and it has help tremendously. Not completely gone yet, but working on it.

The Magic of Spooky2 for Treating Burns

Hey all. I’m so happy to be able to share something with photo proof of the magic of Spooky2. I know it works I just haven’t been able to show it. I don’t have a before pic but I’m sure we all know what burns can look like. I picked up a hot plate from… Read More »

Pain from Grease Burn Removed Using Spooky2

I splashed hot bacon grease across 4 fingers on my right hand. I immediately ran cool water from the kitchen sink over my hand for about 10 minutes. My fingers were swollen and red. The pain was intense. I turned on my PC and XM Spooky2 generators. I found and ran these programs; Burns CAFL,… Read More »