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I Have Good Results in Lowering Arterial Blood Pressure, Cancer, and Many Diseases

I’m a doctor of oriental medicine practicing in Honolulu, USA. I got the spooky2 scalar a few months ago with the intent to use it as a therapy for different ailments. I have had good results in lowering arterial blood pressure, cancer, anxiety, kidney function, toxicity from chemotherapy and radiation, insomnia, fatigue. All patients report… Read More »

The Cancerous Tumour is Shrinking

I have been treating a friend for cancer as he has asquamous cell carcinoma. The first pic is before treatments. The swelling on the right side of his face is all cancerous tumour. We are still treating by him but you can clearly see that the cancerous Tumour is indeed shrinking! Source:

Cancer Pain Significantly Reduced

Just wanted to share. I unexpectedly had a bad night last night with cancer pain. I got up and went into my Spooky room. I set up a run of programs starting with “Acute pain” then a few breast cancer setting then acute pain again. After only a few mins of starting there was a… Read More »