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Tumor finally shrinks

I’m working to heal my Mycosis Fungoides. The Spooky2-XM generator helped to get more energy and detox, but it was was very difficult to do the scan, because of the needed time, not moving etc… So I bought the X-Generator in june. Before I did a lot for my health concerning nutrition, meditation, sport, but… Read More »

Success with Multiple Myeloma

Sorry, I am not a frequent visitor of the forum, but whenever I feel the need to give you an update, I will do so. A young woman (45), married, mother of 2 children (19 and 15) came to me 2 years ago for pain treatment in her arm. So, no big deal I supposed.… Read More »

Her last two biopsies this year showed no signs of cancer.

My wife has been using two detox presets and a cancer killing program daily since early April except for a 10 day period when she goes out of state for chemo treatment. She has Acute Myeloid Leukemia and has been receiving treatment at a top rated cancer center since March of 2017. We have not… Read More »