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Just an update on my 15 renal cell carcinomas.

Just an update on my 15 renal cell carcinomas. (My potato farm.) My cancer was discovered quite late and a large tumour was surgically removed from my chest that had pushed my heart and lungs sideways. Finally, it was the third doctor I approached that found it. I’ve discovered along my journey it’s important to… Read More »

With Spooky2 Plasma Rife which I used consistently for the last 3 months, the blood test has shown that my last cfDNA test the mutation is now down to barely detectable levels.

I have just received results which show a dramatic decrease in the mutation using (molecular pathology) in my blood from a test called Cell Free DNA. This is better than scans because it shows what is happening in the blood prior to anything showing up on a scan so it is very precise and accurate.… Read More »