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I Use Spooky2 to Kill My Candida

I can’t believe I found such an effective Rife machine that is so affordable. I have been using it to kill my candida over the last month using contact and various programs and it is truly speeding up the healing. Thanks for an amazing product.

Spooky2 Wiped Candida Out very Quickly

I originally bought a Spooky2 essentials kit for my wife because of her problem with rheumatoid arthritis. Antibiotics had destroyed her immune system and now apparently her body does not produce B-cells in her blood. We started using the Lyme and Morgellans protocol with tens pads every night. On the 19th program we finally saw… Read More »

Spooky2 Does Worked!

I had eczema, multiple chemical allergies, sun allergy, and canddida ‘ eczema, gone within a month, and multiple chemical allergies within about 6 months in Remote, and treat canddida by plasma.

Spooky2 Remote is Good for Candida and Yeast

I have been doing Spooky2 Remote for a while now for candida, yeast, running detox at the same time. I feel some changes but cannot exactly describe in detail. Well, being is the goal … making progress but I am not there yet. When one does not feel good it is challenging to be disciplined… Read More »

Yeast Infection Objectively Reduced

Having had a long term history with candida and yeasts, I decided to obsessively rife many sets using contact mode for candida, mold, and yeast. I tried the Candida Albicans 1 set on contact through a killing shell. During the session, I physically felt blockages in my digestive tract being removed. So That was enough… Read More »