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My Way of Killing Pathogens with Spooky2

I will try to describe my way of killing pathogens with generatorX. For me, in the way of treating the body, symptomatic treatment is not important, but the most important thing is to find the pathogens /parasites, bacteria, fungi, viruses/ that cause the given symptoms. When the pathogens that are in the body are found… Read More »

Spooky2 Brought Huge Supreise to My Life

I have the following Spooky2 equipment: 3 gm, 1 gx, 1 central/plasma and 1 scalar. I started with just 2 gm devices about 3 years ago and finally been able to get the Spooky2 Central/Plasma and Scalar this year. I am a 51 year old Caucasian female who is very sensitive to EMF and was… Read More »

I Use Spooky2 to Kill My Candida

I can’t believe I found such an effective Rife machine that is so affordable. I have been using it to kill my candida over the last month using contact and various programs and it is truly speeding up the healing. Thanks for an amazing product.