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Spooky2 Does Worked!

I had eczema, multiple chemical allergies, sun allergy, and canddida ‘ eczema, gone within a month, and multiple chemical allergies within about 6 months in Remote, and treat canddida by plasma.

Spooky2 Remote is Good for Candida and Yeast

I have been doing Spooky2 Remote for a while now for candida, yeast, running detox at the same time. I feel some changes but cannot exactly describe in detail. Well, being is the goal … making progress but I am not there yet. When one does not feel good it is challenging to be disciplined… Read More »

Yeast Infection Objectively Reduced

Having had a long term history with candida and yeasts, I decided to obsessively rife many sets using contact mode for candida, mold, and yeast. I tried the Candida Albicans 1 set on contact through a killing shell. During the session, I physically felt blockages in my digestive tract being removed. So That was enough… Read More »