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Spooky2 Eliminating Colds and Treat Covid19

I have used Spooky 2 since 2014 as I was very ill with sarcoidosis. Since then I have had success with treating and reducing my symptoms of sarcoidosis, fatugue improving my teeth and gums eliminating colds and flue very quickly and treating Covid19. I find it most useful to treat my wife at the same… Read More »

Cold is Gone in 48 Hours Using Spooky2

Had 3 successful spooky 2 stories. First, my wife got sick, a cold that was going around at work. She was fatigued, had post nasal drip and felt awful. We used the tens pads and did spooky pulse biofeedback with the tens pads on her stomach area. I did two half biofeedback scans as she… Read More »