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Wonderful outcome!

Wonderful outcome! Ran some healing, not killing, cold, sinusitis and flu frequencies. Everyone at work has been sick with this nasty cold and sore throats that has moved into their chests. Many have lingering sinus issues and croupy cough for weeks. My daughter works at same facility. She has Lyme and her immune system is… Read More »

Always Amazed at Spooky2

Always amazed at how powerful spooky is. Woke up this a.m. to a cold sore on my lip (yuck). Ran cold sore killing remote for about an hour and already feel slightly better. Thank you spooky and spooky team! Source:

Cold Sores HPV report

Hi friends, About 2 days ago I noticed my lip was dry and noticed that part of the lip just below the nose was a little tender and started thinking it might be the start of a cold sore. The next day confirmed it so I ran the following sets for one day using two… Read More »