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Increíble. Ya estoy aburriendo a todos en la casa diciendo una y otra vez increíble. No pude dormir. Nariz tapada, fría y ese flujo nasal toda la noche. Puse la frecuencia una sola vez y me puse a visualizar y es increíble! Ya estoy respirando con una sola escucha. Ya voy para la segunda. Gracias… Read More »

Cold/Flu: Gone in 2 days!!

Hi all!👋Just sharing some news: my flat mate had a bad 2-week long seasonal flu & was in bed for most of it. I then got it, but I put myself on various cold/flu/immune/throat chakra programs & I was only half as bad & didn’t need to be in bed with only a sore throat… Read More »

Spooky2 Has Helped My Family

Hello Spooky Community, As a parent of a medically complex child, I have tried many different treatments and modalities. Some have helped, others have not. Frequencies is something that we have been help. I learned about Rife machines and was very interested and in doing my research the Spooky2 came up again and again. I… Read More »