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I Am Fully Healthy Using Spooky2

Dear Spooky2 Team, Thank you for your email. I am glad to say that I am fully healthy and at the age of 62 isn’t bad at all. Thanks to my Spooky2, I don’t get colds, flue’s, actually, all I seem to have is age-related stuff. I wear glasses but My eyesight has improved. I… Read More »

Cold is Gone in 48 Hours Using Spooky2

Had 3 successful spooky 2 stories. First, my wife got sick, a cold that was going around at work. She was fatigued, had post nasal drip and felt awful. We used the tens pads and did spooky pulse biofeedback with the tens pads on her stomach area. I did two half biofeedback scans as she… Read More »