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Fast Stroke Recovery with Spooky2: Remarkable Results in 14 Days

Post Stroke results using Spooky2 with 2 generators. A family member allowed me to support them after leaving the hospital to recover from a stroke. The picture shows their energy after leaving the hospital on the left and 14 days later on the right using Spooky2 Remotes and supporting programs. No terrain program was used… Read More »

Stage 3 Colorectal Cancer Eased Using Spooky2

Had hubby diagnosed with stage 3 Colorectal Cancer on Fathers Day last year, with daily Spooky2 sessions with Plasma, change of diet, regular Natropath appointments & total faith we were on the right path – Tumour didn’t progress or stopped us doing anything. The only reason now having Radiotherapy & Surgery to remove Tumour is… Read More »