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My Cat’s Conjunctivitis Had Completely Disappeared

Last night my cat had a problem with her eyes they both started to run one was worst than the other, I left the spooky running on a few programs for conjunctivitis and a couple of others, this morning it had completely disappeared Source:

Conjunctivitis in Left Eye

On 24th September 2016 Saturday night my teenage son who is autistic and speechless developed conjunctivitis on his left eye amidst his cluster of 7 seizure attacks during the day. As I was too engrossed in taking of him because of his epilepsy, I overlooked his eye problem until on Sunday night (25/09/2016) I suddenly… Read More »

7 Spooky2 Testimonies

Eyesight I get the two mixed up…I can’t see far away…I’m OK at short distance…short sighted-longsighted…….what ever it is…I can’t see far away…but its getting better with spooky on eye sight improvement frequency’s…its early days yet..but my eye examination test was encouraging.. The eye sight has improved not deteriorated ..It’s a step in the right… Read More »