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Spooky2 Helped Me With a Variety of Problems

Where the magic happens… Spooky Central, two GenXPro, 22 Xm working 24/7 remotely, PEMF mat… Scalar is coming next — have already achieved so much healing, true miracles, and absolutely loving this journey. This is some of what we have been able to achieve so far regarding my own health issues, family and clients: currently… Read More »

We continue to see improvements with our kitty, my husband, and me

The most impressive testimony is for my nineteen-year-old cat, Kishka. I continue to be amazed at the improvement my kitty shows daily, despite the fact that last year, his health was declining rapidly, and I was mentally preparing myself for his death:( His kidneys were failing, he had trouble walking because of a horrific back… Read More »

Spooky2 Devices Have Greatly Helped Remove Most of Severe Health Issues Like Skin Cancer and Allery

Hello all you non-believers and believers out there concerning Spooky 2 technology. Skin cancer (non-deadly), daily severe fatigue (usually around early to mid-afternoon time), COPD (past smoker), non-healing wounds ( the combination of skin cancer and other stuff), other skin conditions, digestion, constipation, foggy brain (non-clear thought processes), Brown recluse spider bite on the face,… Read More »