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It had run for just over THREE MINUTES when the coughing STOPPED!

I am officially impressed (once again). My 9 yr old came home from school today barking?. The (Post nasal drip) cough build up during the evening, and by the time we got home from martial arts training at 9.30pm, he was coughing almost continiously and complaining of a stabbing frontal headache. I ushered him through… Read More »

Wonderful outcome!

Wonderful outcome! Ran some healing, not killing, cold, sinusitis and flu frequencies. Everyone at work has been sick with this nasty cold and sore throats that has moved into their chests. Many have lingering sinus issues and croupy cough for weeks. My daughter works at same facility. She has Lyme and her immune system is… Read More »

Finding The Correct Program to Solve the Problem

Quick results are a function of finding the correct program to solve the problem. I started to have a burning sensation in the bronchial tube and a cough, so started a program of Bronchial Pneumonia and cough…. Within about 4 hours, the length of single pass of the total program, the burn was gone and… Read More »