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Spooky2 Gives You Confidence on Better Health

I have been using Spooky2 products for 5 years now. The XM generator allows me to discover what is happening inside my body. It removes the guesswork. Spooky2 discovered cancer before I was told by the hospital about it. This allowed me to begin treating it early. I have recently discovered that if I use… Read More »

Spooky2 Eliminating Colds and Treat Covid19

I have used Spooky 2 since 2014 as I was very ill with sarcoidosis. Since then I have had success with treating and reducing my symptoms of sarcoidosis, fatugue improving my teeth and gums eliminating colds and flue very quickly and treating Covid19. I find it most useful to treat my wife at the same… Read More »

Spooky2 Helped Me Heal from COVID-19

I found Spooky2 frequencies on youtube. They have so far helped me to heal from COVID-19, healed floaters in my eyes, improved my tinnitus and enhanced my immune system. All this while I am learning to set up and use the Spooky2 Generator. In addition, free training, answers to questions and a wonderful facebook group,… Read More »