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Lung Frequencies are Saving My Life

I have it but don’t have the machine. I ran the corona virus frequency and it didn’t seem to do much, but the frequency called Lungs is saving my life. Source:

Feeling Very Good after Using Spooky2 Frequencies

I started feeling the COVID-19 symptoms of it so I went on YouTube and using the Spooky2 immune system and coral norovirus frequency and I’m feeling very good I’m letting it run 24 hours a day. Source:

COVID-19 Symptoms Dimished

My daughter had all the COVID-19 symptoms, except shortness of breath. We called her doctor and she said because she didn’t have the shortness of breath they would not test her. This was weeks ago when we had a “shortage of tests”. So we muscle tested her and that said she did have it. She… Read More »