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Spooky2 Helped Me to Regain My Health

I have suffered for many years with a host of different diseases. I have found that the frequencies and the method of transmission have helped me to regain my health. I have used this machine to treat my patients for cancer, cyst, abdominal ailments, ears, eyes and muscles. All to which has responded favourably.

Painful Cysts in My Armpit Disappear Using Spooky2

I’m a new Spooky2 user. I had purchased the advanced Generator XM kit to maintain the well being of myself & my family. Thankfully, none of us suffer from anything extreme, so the generators were bought for health maintenance. The second day after starting the terrain protocol I had 2 painful cysts (marble size) in… Read More »

Cyst Dissolved and Sleep Better

Hello I’m very happy with Spooky! I treated a cyst that dissolved in just a few days, my friends who have problems sleeping just told me that after one month treatment they sleep more, and I’m doing a lot of other stuff. If I can suggest some edit, I would like to have the chance… Read More »

I love spooky!

Dear Echo How do I feel about using Spooky 2????? I’m utterly utterly stunned.blown away by it all. It is truly truly amazing and I cant thank you and your little team there enough. For two reasons (a) because it works and its amazing and (b) because you have kept the costs affordable to people… Read More »

Using Spooky to Treat Cyst

Meeches got an big cyst on his jaw after I started introducing spooky2 colloidal silver in his drinking water to prevent having to deworm every 3 months with medicines that are easily developed resistance to. This cat is the one who is constantly being for food and does not care to hunt, and has gained… Read More »