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Spooky2 Has Made Noticable Improvements For My Dog

Just started experimenting on myself to reduce blood glucose and A1C using XM generator and remote. Biggest improvement that I have personally witnessed is with my 15 year old Papillon. She’s diabetic and about 2 months ago she showed serious signs of dementia along with incontinence. I’ve been using the Spooky 2 Central with the… Read More »

Helping My Father And Five Other Patients with Spooky2

Thank you. I an helping as many people as I can with Spooky2. Currently helping 5 with their illnesses and helping them learn to use the system as I’m still learning myself. I’m most excited with the progress my father has had in just 7 month working on Dementia. We have his dr. Confused at… Read More »

Spooky2 Keeps My Mom From Full Blown Dementia

My mom has dementia and it is very unpredictable. I have been running different programs with MW drugs. I have been able to keep her from going into full blown dementia. She has more good days then just ok.