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Spooky2 Dental Programs For Root Canal

Success…..I am new to Rifing. I purchased an XM gen kit. We were vacationing out of the country and right before we left, my husband’s root canal started up. He had pain and was afraid it was going to need to be pulled out. I ran every dental program I could find, abcess, pain, etc.… Read More »

Oral Health Improved

I just wanted to share a testimony. I’ve had deteriorating mouth health for a while. Cavities, lost 2 teeth, loose teeth, weak gums, an abscess lump on my bottom gums, and random pain (which I’ve been about to cure and then it comes back). I just got the spooky 2 remotes last week. I ran… Read More »

No Sign Of Cracked Teeth

I have some amazing results to report. About 2 years ago my dentist told me that I needed a crown. (I had been eating frozen Kind bars….not a good idea). I went to another dentist who said I needed TWO crowns and showed me photos of the cracked teeth. I immediately began running remote Spooky2… Read More »