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Essential Oils and Wellbeing

I followed up on someone’s post regarding essential oils (which I am into) and using Spooky2 to send the frequencies for uplifting and healing. Also found a web article (http://www.biospiritual-energy-healing. … uency.html) regarding our body’s frequency and conditions and that the high frequency oils can elevate our own frequency. I put together a program with… Read More »

Anxiety/Depression Problems

I’m dealing with great emotional challenges in this period of my life, and my anxiety/depression problems are being difficult to handle, but spooky2 is helping me a lot. I’ve used these frequencies few times for enhancing my mood and centering my anxiety (no totally, but very effective): Depression Anxiety Trembling Weakness Depression Depression 2 Depression… Read More »

Depression and Anger

Hi! I am really enjoying my Spooky 2 machine that I got a couple of  weeks ago. I can really see a difference on my husband. I have used the Depression and anger treatments modes and they’re making a big positive difference. For this I am very grateful. Because I am always using the machine… Read More »