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Spooky2 IS Amazing

A colleague had a tumor in the hypothalamus, inoperable, her head was swollen and she was in pain. I treated her with spooky, she is now healthy in less than a month. A friend was intoxicated with substances, he had entered a diabetic coma, I saved him with spooky. A friend had parasites for many… Read More »

This Machine Always Leave You with Surprise

One of my patients have diabetes and had a wound on his leg which was not healing for 3 years. I put him on spooky2 from last 2 weeks. And this is the result. This machine always leave you with surprise, which is not short of a miracle. Source:

Use Spooky2 to Combat My Starting Pre-diabetes

Thanks for sending me my Spooky2 starter set. I’ve mostly been putting it to good use to combat my starting pre-diabetes. After a couple of days of use (JW killing remote, diabetes 2 (CAFL) preset) my glucose levels have returned to normal again. It’s now possible for me to eat everything I like without seeing… Read More »