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This Machine Always Leave You with Surprise

One of my patients have diabetes and had a wound on his leg which was not healing for 3 years. I put him on spooky2 from last 2 weeks. And this is the result. This machine always leave you with surprise, which is not short of a miracle. Source:

Use Spooky2 to Combat My Starting Pre-diabetes

Thanks for sending me my Spooky2 starter set. I’ve mostly been putting it to good use to combat my starting pre-diabetes. After a couple of days of use (JW killing remote, diabetes 2 (CAFL) preset) my glucose levels have returned to normal again. It’s now possible for me to eat everything I like without seeing… Read More »

Weight Is Back

Was hospitalized for 23 days, and lost 12 kg weight…since used spooky2 his weight is back to his weight before he got sick. he also is diabetic for almost 20 years. he is 68 years now.