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Help Me Get Rid Of Prostrate Cancer, Chronic Pancreatitis, and Type 2 Diabetes

believe me this works. It killed and destroyed a Pi-Rad 5 stage Prostrate Cancer along with eliminating chronic Pancreatitis, and now Im getting rid of Type 2 Diabetes. This equipment WORKS, If you or anyone has any aliments, get this for you and your family. Source:

The Contact Mode Really Improved My Diabetes

I was very skeptical at first yet always interested in trying ways to improve my diabetes. Been using the remote method (as shown by another user) and was not very impressed. I have now started using the contact method with really improved results. Giving me much more hope and determination. So happy that I’ve purchased… Read More »

Spooky2 Has Made Noticable Improvements For My Dog

Just started experimenting on myself to reduce blood glucose and A1C using XM generator and remote. Biggest improvement that I have personally witnessed is with my 15 year old Papillon. She’s diabetic and about 2 months ago she showed serious signs of dementia along with incontinence. I’ve been using the Spooky 2 Central with the… Read More »

My Blood Sugar Went To Normal With Spooky2

I have been Pre Diabetic for some time. When I was sick in October and had to go to the hospital for pneumonia, they gave me steroids, which elevated my blood sugar to dangerous levels. It took me weeks to get over the cause of the pneumonia, then because I had a weakened immune state,… Read More »