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Spooky2 Does Worked!

I had eczema, multiple chemical allergies, sun allergy, and canddida ‘ eczema, gone within a month, and multiple chemical allergies within about 6 months in Remote, and treat canddida by plasma.

Cold Laser Success

I continue to be amazed with the product. My wife can tell immediately when my son has used it the night prior for his eczema. I have experienced amazing recovery from two different minor muscle tears and a strained muscle. I have the wrist unit and use it both directly on the affected area and… Read More »

Spooky2 Rife Machine for Eczema

Hello, I hope this gets to you with my question. My grand daughter has been using my spooky2 for her eczema and it works likemagic. She has now gotten a temporary metal bar put in her mouth for braces. Can she still use the contact (tens) even though she has metal in her mouth? Thanks for any reply.

Skin Issues are Now Clearing up

I love my Spooky2 Central plasma …. I have noticed with plasma that my skin issues are now clearing up… working on eczema … from I think mercury poisoning… and plasma detox mercury from brain and body…I can definitely feel and see the difference dramatically….. when clears up I will be disclosing my rife/plasma recipe… Read More »