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Emotions, Balance

Hi ! I am really enjoying my Spooky 2 machine that I got a couple of weeks ago. I can really see a difference on my husband. I have used the Depression and anger treatments modes and they’re making a big positive difference. For this I am very grateful. Because I am always using the… Read More »

Emotional Problem Improvement

I have attached the Spooky2 clips to a copper plate (4inch) , then charged/program a glass 8oz jar of water (one buys from a water machine). I drank a couple of ozs. per day and felt the benefits. I found that keeping the programed water in the refrigerator kept it fresh/energized longer. I find that… Read More »

Spooky Adventure

Hello my fellow long distance acquaintances with soul! Ever since I got introduced to Spooky2, I am very comfortable being part of this brave, sparkling, passionate, health centered subculture. I think subconsciously I was looking for this – something without answers right around the corner. The posts I read are truly stimulating in my little… Read More »