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Spooky2 Helps Me With Everything From Physical Pain, Emotional Discomfort, and Animal Therapy

Hi I thought I share my experience with Spooky2. This device is my life saver and it is my rescuer to everything from physical pain, emotional discomfort to animal treatment.Tonight I came home with lower back pain and felt so weak, and I just did BFS and treatment with penetron tube, after 90 min treatment… Read More »

Dh Preset Put Me in a Good Mood

I’ve been using the DH experimental frequencies 1 through 6 for a few days now. I have to admit, my mood is better throughout the day and I feel much more grounded 😊👍🏼 Source:

Experienced Pure Joy

“I would like to recommend the ‘erasing negative thought’ program on remote. Wow, we both experienced pure joy and continue to battle our ailments now with positivity and happiness. I truly think that has been the best outcome I have gotten from the Spooky. Once the negative self talk is gone you can get to… Read More »

Positive Impact of Spooky2 on My Family’s Health

I started using the Spooky2 GenX system 3 years ago. I could tell it was working from feeling the Herxheimer effect when running the Terrain program during the initial was very real. I suffer from AS, a type of rheumatic arthritis and was looking for alternate treatments to pharmacological drugs as they are pretty… Read More »