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Yay! Spooky2!

Day 1, red, Day 2 blood red, Spooky 2 remote comes to the rescue on day 3. Day 4…GONE!!! My hubby. Yay! Spooky2! Source:  

7 Spooky2 Testimonies

Eyesight I get the two mixed up…I can’t see far away…I’m OK at short distance…short sighted-longsighted…….what ever it is…I can’t see far away…but its getting better with spooky on eye sight improvement frequency’s…its early days yet..but my eye examination test was encouraging.. The eye sight has improved not deteriorated ..It’s a step in the right… Read More »

Bad Eye Irritation

I had a bad eye irritation presenting as very red around the iris and burning. I did not use anything but the following: I put “eye” in database and clicked all 5 offerings as well as conjunctivitis using continuous run on JW healing preset with white remote. Usually when this happens it is 4 days… Read More »

Eye Irritation

Hello Friends, I am fortunate enough to not have any serious ailments. However, I’ve had an eye irritation that I have learned to live with for as long as I can remember. Simple enough but nothing any eye Dr could treat. The floaters you get in your eyes, well I had a severe case of… Read More »