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I woke up with glued eyes in the morning. I’ve applied the programs above two times (after breakfast and after lunch). The next morning I had no symptoms.

Hi community! And another one 😉 Issue: Glued eyes after thermal bath visit Used preset: Killing – JW (C) Result: No symptoms the next morning – after two sessions! Selected Programs (two sessions): Conjunctivitis 2 (XTRA) Conjunctivitis (CAFL) Chlamydia Trachomatis (CAFL) I also brought a gift home from the thermal bath visit. I woke up… Read More »

Yay! Spooky2!

Day 1, red, Day 2 blood red, Spooky 2 remote comes to the rescue on day 3. Day 4…GONE!!! My hubby. Yay! Spooky2! Source: