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I have astigmatism since childhood and without glasses I see the world as one great impressionistic painting (i.e. blurred), coupled with a big floater which appeared several years ago, so one of the first things I tried was the “Improving Eyesight (R) – JK” preset.

My Spooky2 story is one year old. It began when I read an alternative doctor’s online newsletter and somebody wrote “google: ‘spooky2′” in the comments section. I did, and found the diverse websites related to Spooky2. Since I’ve been using different self-empowering healing modalities for years – meditation, Reiki, a sound-and light machine, a zapper,… Read More »

I ran several dental programs, amazing reduction in pain after 2-6 hours ran for 3 days problem gone. The throat, sinus, lung, runny nose took 6 days to reduce to 10%.

Since receiving a couple of XM generators I have spent a few hours learning how to use Spooky2. 1. Have had a touch of Flu for about 2 1/2 months which escalated to a very unfortable stage after receiving 2nd XM about 4 weeks ago. Symptoms sore throat, coughing, headache, eyes hurt then teeth became… Read More »

This machine is utterly amazing me!

This machine is utterly amazing me! I am severely nearsighted, corrected by contacts for over 53 years. My optometrist mentioned at my visit a month ago, that I sure have a lot of floaters. He always says that, but yesterday they got much worse, along with blurred vision in my left eye. Husband added “floaters”… Read More »